Les Grands Moulins



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Ground plane Former mills of Paris, the new basin, and the Park toward the Deûle. From the gardens on the edge. 

To build a landscape

Around Paris old mills, a 600 housing project is planned. Alongside the Deûle canal, a urban park is implemented. The former wheat factory, icon of the urban landscape, is turned into lofts. Town houses create a dense and linear fabric. Private drives lead to houses, all of which have a garden. The local brick is used as main material and the strong slopes of roofs favour the general integration. The architecture is diversified, inspired by local references and audacious constructions. A large scale public square holds it all together.

Maitrise d’Ouvrage


Maitrise d’Œuvre

Ateliers Lion Associés


80 000 sqm (SHON)