Eco-district Les Courelières Joint Development Zone

Joué lès Tours



Submission of the first four building permits in February 2014.

On the crossroad of the RD86 and of the Chambray-lès-Tours road, the first four blocks of Courelières prefigure the layout of Joué Sud’s eco-district. On each courtyard (A2, A4, B4 and B5), each architect is entrusted with a type of housing :

– collective housing, Reynald Eugène

– intermediate housing, Claude Blanchet

– individual adjoined housing and general coordination of each block, Ateliers Lion Associés

Related project :
Eco-district : between city and country-side, Joué-les-cours (Urbanism)




Bouygues Immobilier, developer

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion associés, Atelier Reynald Eugène Architect, Atelier d’Architecture Claude Blanchet


Courtyard A2, 1 850 sqm SDP - Courtyard A4, 1 506 sqm SDP - Courtyard B4, 2 029 sqm SDP - Courtyard B5, 3 327 sqm SDP