Masséna Bruneseau Sector

Paris Rive Gauche


   Artwork by Didier Marcel Artwork by Didier Marcel    Proposal of a high building at the end of the Avenue de France, on the foreground the new Farhat Hached placeBetween Paris and Ivry, a new path dedicated to daily life goes under infrastructures.

2002  – Laureate of the definition study

Public spaces project management


Project management of the Place Farhat Hached on the crossroads between Avenue de France and Boulevard du Général Jean Simon : temporary layout (excluding railways) as part of putting in operation the T3b tramway line (April 2013).

Project management to organise the Paris-Ivry path.


Two missions :

– Complete project management regarding public spaces of the North sector of Bruneseau

– Specific mission of architectural coordination on Rue Jean-Baptiste Berlier, located in the same sector.

Related Project : Massena-Bruneseau, Paris (Urbanism)

In progress


Team & Collaborators

2008-2014 : Ateliers Lion Associés, ARTELIA - BET, ESE - BET / 2012-2014 : Ateliers Lion associés, ARTELIA - BET, Sépia GC - Geotechnics Studies, Hervé Audibert - Light Design


980 000 sqm SHON (Universities, offices, housing)


Place Farhat Hached (achieved) : 5 M€ ex-Tax
Secteur Bruneseau Nord (studies in progress): 16,5 M€ ex-Tax (estimated)