Regional background of contemporary art (FRAC) Auvergne




We were not only interested in the FRAC but also how this equipment can influence the city.

The situation is so fertile that it can become naturally more urban in the pursuit of public spaces rather pedestrians at the foot of the magnificent cathedral.

The new FRAC is looking for the click that would allow it not only to belong to the city but also to trigger a significant urban operation, to be at the height of the magnificent sequence of conservatory universities.

We took this building as it is, using it with simplicity without diverting it from its original form, to extend its life by a few more centuries since the days of the Wheat Hall. All this is organized in a rather obvious, sedimentary and exciting way.

The original “gallery” hosts the exhibition spaces and educational workshops in close relationship with the city, while the recreated third level becomes an event-oriented exhibition venue, providing a certain intimacy and allowing, through windows, to understand the geography and particularly the Puy de Dome.

In progress

Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion associés, Architectes Urbanistes Paysagistes (Compagny representative) - Ingérop Consulting & Engineering - Studio Adeline Rispal - Impédance Engineering - Les Eclaireurs - Société A.S.K - Chevalvert - NOX Ingénierie


3 000 m²


7 M€ HT