Islander and Tropical Ecocity

Île de la Réunion


Master Plan of the ecocity Aerial view Le Port (existing site) Aerial view Le Port (project) Aerial view Cambaie (existing site)Aerial view Cambaie (project)  centre of the block view of the parc from an apartment

Laureate of the contest.

The qualities of the site, the identity of each city, St Paul, Le Port and La Possession and lifestyles of Réunion inhabitants encourage the transformation of these autonomous entities into one single city with its joint networks, its identity urban fabric, and its various activities, all of which is united by an outstanding site. This project plans to build the only islander and tropical ecocity.

Framework agreement for the urban project management.


Related project : Islander and tropical ecocity’s landscape and public spaces (Landscape)

In progress

TCO (Territoire de la Côte-Ouest)

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, Zone UP - Architecture Urbanism, Zone UP - Landscape, Artelia - City and Transport , Jean-Marie Gleizes consultant - sustainable development