In the Eastern part of Paris Rive Gauche joint development zone, the operational status of public spaces and buildings sites  is accelerating, gradually bringing Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine closer:

– Completion of the structural works of the building reaching 50 meters, avenue de France,
– Advancement of the different programs, along the Avenue de France and Rue du Loiret.
–  Inauguration of Calcia Cement’s new distribution center, rue Bruneseau


01 2014-06 AdF Berlier

Around the Farhat Hached square, from th Berlier business center.



Old Massena train station  and residential buildings, avenue de France (Comte Vollenweider, Hamonic+Masson, Barthélémy Griño)



Old Massena train station, comprehensive school and student housings (Béal & Blanckaert)



Construction’s progress of the M6B-2 lot (Maison Édouard François), Kaléido, office building (ECDM)



Removing of the technical installation branched on Calcia’s old distribution center.
Left and center, the crossing of the Paris-Ivry lane under the Général Jean Simon boulevard.


Laboratories of Calcia’s new distribution center  symbolically pass under the ring road (vi-b architecture)


Closing of the  input/output access of the external ring road