Flaubert Eco-District Joint Development Zone



At the center of three mountains A big modern city, within an exceptional  natural environment Joint Development Zone of Flaubert The green belt of the Parc Flaubert spread over the entire neighbourhood Implantation of the programmes The public Parc Flaubert toward Belledonne Alongside the Rue Gustave Flaubert At the crossroad between Rue Stalingrad and Rue Honoré de Balzac      

Flaubert eco-district is an atypical organisation operation, developed on a large perimeter of public spaces and built fabric.

At the geographical centre of the city, the joint development zone is located in between the city centre, in the North, and La Villeneuve, in the South.The urban project has been based upon specific features of the context, with the ambition to encourage and reinforce existing qualities. The green belt development has been thought out as support of the urbanization. The mix of forms and functions, and the enhancement of views of the surrounding landscapes ( the three Alpine mountains) will be part of the identification of  Flaubert eco-district within Grenoble.

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In progress


Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, Aktis Architecture and Urbanism


Joint development zone perimetre : 93 Ha / Surfaces planned 244 000 sqm SHON divided in : 181 500 sqm housing (or 2 400), 34 500 sqm offices, 28 000 sqm business sector