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Located in Soissons, along the railway line, the project is part of former brownfields and railroads.

The proposed development focuses first on linking the site to its context through several actions:

_ the “reconquest” of the geography by its enhancement, as well by the development of the landscape spaces that the multiplication of the views on this landscape,

_ the connection of the site to the main urban elements (the Hospital Center of Soissons, the streets connecting to the city center, monuments, schools, etc.),

_ the enhancement of industrial heritage through rehabilitations and the combination of uses and programs.

Given the industrial past of the site (soil pollution) and a fledgling real estate context, the project proposes a strategy of urbanization inscribed in the long time. The landscape is the first element to colonize the old wastelands to ensure soil remediation and qualify the areas that will be urbanized gradually. Each of the project times is like an end in itself and is not dependent on the realization of the next step to work.

The time of the development is not a parenthesis work site but a continuous development of the site through a series of actions.

In progress

La Communauté du Soissonnais

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, Architectes Urbanistes Paysagistes (company representative) - GEC Ingénierie - Impédance - AREA - RR&A - Flore Siesling


10 ha


estimated 26 M€ HT