Access tunnels to the banks of the Han river

Séoul, Korea


Keumho passage Keumho passage, by night  Mapo passage  Dangsan passageAmsa passage Amsa passage Mapo passageMapo passageMapo passage  Mapo passage

The city of Seoul is crossed by the River Han, large of a kilometer. Despite its potential, this major public space remains difficult to access due to the urban motorway going the length of the river’s banks. To resolve the problem, the City of Seoul has organised a consultation of architects to renovate existing tunnels and to create new ones. Since 2007, thirty-eight tunnels have been restored. Much frequented, they are appreciated by inhabitants of Seoul.

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→ Hangang Pedestrian Passages I – Keumho, Amsa, Seocho Passages

      renovation and reforming projects

→ Hangang Pedestrian Passages II – Dangsan, Goduk, Nakcheonjeong, Nanjido Passages
      renovation and reforming projects

→ Hangang Pedestrian Passage III – Mapo Passage, Seoul
      New construction project


City of Seoul

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés Séoul


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