Toulouse Malepère




In Malepère, we want to give priority to the site of intervention and to draw from its substratum the principles of its mutation in time. Partial land ownership makes it necessary to “project” according to opportunities, introducing intentions here and there, observing how they evolve and reserving the right to adapt the course. This attitude presents obvious interests, and others, more secret. Among them, the fact that time allows to tailor the project to measure and allows some sort of “test shots”, gives the margin. In this way, we can crystallize intentions, practices, and thus invent programs, create initiatives that, led by others, will ensure the sustainability of the project and its dynamics.

The study of land opportunities, leads us to think that urban planning on the plot is possible, and that it alone will allow us to remembrer, (re) build this today heterogeneous landscape in a double scale, that of proximity and that of the great landscape support of ecological continuities. To do this, we must escape the dogmatism of the urban plan with the exception of some polarities that emerge today.

In progress

Oppidéa Toulouse

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion associés (company representative), Safège - Consulting Engineers


113 ha


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