The White House Park Joint Development Zone


2015 - 2019...

Le projet urbain s’appuie sur les qualités paysagères de l’ancien hôpital pavillonnaire, en inscrivant le quartier dans le système de parcs de l’est francilien. Trame verte Trame bleue Les édifices patrimoniaux de l’ancien hôpital sont transformés pour accueillir de nouveaux programmes La place du château d’eau, nouvel espace de centralité du quartier L’aménagement des nouveaux espaces publics conserve les alignements d’arbres. Les sujets préservés sont protégés pendant les chantiers (voiries et bâtiments).

The White House Park is a major development operation in Île-de-France. Committed to twenty years (2014-2031), the realization of this neighborhood interests 58 hectares with the objective of building about 4,000 homes that can accommodate about 10,000 new residents in the long term.

On the scale of Neuilly-sur-Marne, the White House Park commits a mutation of this part of the town, former psychiatric hospital pavilion to rich plant and architectural heritage, with several issues:

– A rebalancing of the development of the eastern region.

– The opening up of the site, creating a neighborhood connected to its neighbors, thus breaking with the insularity inherited from the hospital activity.

– The enhancement of site assets, environmental and heritage (landscape and built).

– An inscription in the evolutions of Greater Paris, including the service of the operation by the extension of the metro line 11 from Rosny-Bois-Perrier to Noisy-Champs.

The layout is designed taking into account the peculiarities of the existing which constitute the identity and the high quality of this site (protection and conservation of old trees, conversion of heritage buildings, …). It is a question of building a neighborhood gathering all the urban amenities necessary for everyday life, in the privileged setting of an “inhabited park”.


Mission : Urban, landscaping and infrastructure project management, accompanied by a “Neighborhood” OPC mission for the design and management of the Joint Development Zone

Urban Studies

Mission : Development of the Plan Guide for the entire ZAC / Preparation of the Prescription Book and batch sheets of the first phase / Modification of the PLU / Coordination of the 25 buildings of the 1st phase (9 operators, 22 architects)

Amount of the study : 3 327 216 € HT

Subject mastery of public spaces and infrastructures

Mission : AVP public spaces throughout the Joint Development Project

Progress : Construction site of the first phase


In progress

Grand Paris Aménagement

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion associés, Architectes Urbanistes Paysagistes - Tugec Ingénierie - Planitec PTP - Aurel Design Urbain et Éclairage


58 ha


Forecast 37,5 M€ HT