Quai de Willebroeck

Brussels, Belgium



To answer to the different scales of the site.

Facing the Vergote basin, close to the World Trade Centre business district, and near the North train station and Tour et Taxi, the site of the PREMIUM project is exceptional. The project provides for more than 100 000 square metres area and includes a 140 meters high tower, villa buildings and offices, all of which will be resting upon a four levels car park. This project aims to answer to scales differences:  high scale project in front of the Vergote basin, where the tower will be located, and a smaller, more domestic scale, alongside the canal with villa buildings. In addition, R+7 office buildings isolate the block from the nuisances of the bustling Boulevard Willebroek. The centre of the block is a landscaped garden open to pedestrians during the day. A 30% reduction of the energetic consumption is possible by using the water from the canal for the summer comfort.



Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, A2RC Architectes et associés


80 000 sqm divided among 50 000 sqm of housing, including 37 000 sqm for the tower (260 flats), 13 000 sqm of villa buildings (115 flats), 30 000 sqm of offices including 1650 sqm of shops


120 M€ ex-Tax