île St Denis’ bridge

Villeneuve-La-Garenne, Gennevilliers, Asnières


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bridge between Île Saint-Denis and Villeneuve La Garenne   Île Saint Denis Bridge

Bridge of Île Saint-Denis

In the framework of the T1 tramway line expansion operation, a new cast iron balustrade has been conceived from an original drawing of Ateliers Lion. Its design respects the architectural style of the bridge, designed by M. Caldagues, Roads and Bridges engineer, in collaboration with Jules Formigé, in charge of decorative elements. A second bridge, also imagined by M.Caldagues, connects Île Saint-Denis to the city of Saint-Denis. The two bridges have been built between 1901 and 1905 by the Société Française de Construction Mécanique (French Society of Mechanical Construction) of Derain. Due to its new function of railway-bridge, the bridge of Île Saint Denis has been enlarged and reinforced. A custom-designed lighting has been imagined by Hervé Audibert to exalt the beauty of the design.

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Conseil Général des Hauts-de-Seine

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, INGEROP - BET (authorised representative), Sol Paysage, Hervé Audibert - Light Design