Institute of Islamic Cultures

Paris XVIIIe


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Located in the district of La Goutte d’Or in the 18th arr., the Institute of Islamic Culture is divided in two buildings distant from about one kilometer from one another, but linked by an architectural harmony. Each site gathers cultural facilities such as : an auditorium, exhibitions galleries, library, workshops, hammam … An area is dedicated to administration services into each building. Both facilities are classified as High Energy Performance.

The final primary consumption energy is under the 50 Kwh/year/sqm imposed by Paris Climate Plan.


Ville de Paris

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, BERIM BET (TCE), AYDA BET acoustic, Transsolar BET Environmental Quality


Stephenson Site : 2 250 sqm / Polonceau Site : 3 270 sqm


18,3 M€ ex-Tax