Block 3B



View from Rue Chanterac  View from Rue Ruffi

Low Energy Consumption building

Residential complex of 282 housing (including 20% of social housing), a primary school, shops and activities compose the first part of the project, a second building is under study. The project takes place within the “Parc Habité” aiming to organise the Euromediterranean coastline and the Arenc district. It explores a density organised around diversified levels from R+1 to R+18, from a typology based upon the development of double height housing.

Related Project :

Quai d’Arenc, Marseille (Architecture),  Joliette JDZ – Block M5, Marseille (Architecture)

Le Parc Habité, Marseille (Urbanism), Mediterranean city, Marseille (Urbanism)

Mediterranean city, Marseille (Landscape)

In progress

Nexity Créateur de quartier

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés


22 600 sqm SDP


39 M€ ex-Tax