Fine Arts Museum – Phase 2


2006 - 2019


The second tranche project provides:
– on the ground floor, public reception areas, exhibition halls and logistics premises,
– in the basement, cloakrooms for the public, personal premises and technical rooms,
– in floor levels, showrooms with attic ventilation or at the last level.

Each of the two phases of the museum’s redevelopment project corresponds to a museum tour and at a time:
– The Golden Age Wing (from the 14th to the beginning of the 17th century) for the first phase,
– the Enlightenment Wing (17th and 18th century) and the Modern Wing (19th and 20th century) for the second phase.

associated project : Fine Arts Museum – Phase 1 (Architecture)


City of Dijon

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés - Y Engeneering, BET TCE, Economist - Hervé Audibert, Lighting Technician




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