Public spaces of the city centre

Le Havre


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Ateliers Lion has been entrusted with the layout of public spaces surrounding the City Hall and the beach, alongside the tramway. This mission highlights the architecture and the reconstruction plan of Le Havre and reconnects the city to the sea.

Within the city centre, public transportation systems have been reconfigured enabling the creation of a bus hub and the renovation of public spaces. The focus is done on soft mobility by easing the pedestrian circulation and more comfortable public spaces . A simplified layout emphasizes the beautiful post-war architecture of the city.

In the sector surrounding the beach, a large esplanade has been created in the historical axis. Alongside the beautiful layout of Alexandre Chemetoff, a new promenade follows the beach and becomes the new support of sports activities, small shops and landscaped layouts bringing pine woods to the seafront.


Ville du Havre

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés, INGEROP - Consultancy & Engineering - BET, M.R.S. - Transports Planning Studies, Hervé Audiber - Light Design - partial studies, Sol Paysage - BET environmental - agronomics


11,5 Ha


23,5 M€ ex-Tax