Development of a programme of offices, Carré de soie, Block H



An overlooking structure from upper floors to undergroundsGround planeFrom the Esplanade de l'Union From Rue de Decomberousse   

The ground plane is a synthesis of urban intentions of the batch record, the form of the block, elements of the programme and of the underground and upper floors geometry. The building is deployed as a ruban and organises relations with the urban surroundings (Place de l’Union, Rue des Decomberousse and Rue de la Soie, L’Amande, the park new alley). The plan seeks a continuity of the assembly and take into account the vis-à-vis with future neighbours.



Altaréa Cogédim

Team & Collaborators

Ateliers Lion Associés (authorised representative), Tractebel Engineering, Mazet & Associés - economist


15 000 sqm