Large project La Rochelle station, interview with Yves LIon

Soissons: Launch of the public spaces worksite for the station’s intermodal interchange hub

Preface to the urbanization of Quartier Gare on nearly 8ha of wasteland, the project initiates a landscape and proposes a strategy of reconquest that permanently diverts the atmosphere of this piece of town.

Immediately from the station, 2 hectares of pedestrianized spaces are being invented. At the crossroads of mobility, plazas, squares and malls will benefit shops for the installation of terraces. The hospital, a major facility in this district, is connected by creating a new access improving its accessibility. The old SERNAM will house a Silo car park, a strategic piece in the liberation of automobile rights-of-way. The wooded area in contact with the green lane of the “memory trail” and open in front of the passenger building, will offer a place of waiting, shady meeting and views of the territory. With the planting of 131 trees, it re-qualifies the entrance to the city, hanging on to the identity of the hillsides.

With Area Sarl (BET VRD), Flore Siesling (lighting designer), RR&A Roland Ribi et Associés (BET mobility), Gec Ingénierie (BET engineering), GROUPE IMPEDANCE (acoustician).

Navigators-Cosmonauts ZAC in Choisy-le-Roi

Valophis Habitat and the city of Choisy-le-Roi have retained us with, Degouy VRD and ATM hydraulics and urban ecology, to carry out the mission of coordinating urban planner and project management of public spaces within the framework of the urban project of the ZAC Navigateurs-Cosmonautes.

Registered within the perimeter of the NPNRU of Choisy and Orly, the project aims to rehabilitate the Grand Ensemble, creating a mixed district and open to the city from its social, built, geographic and landscape heritage.

Delivery of two sites in Evry-Courcouronnes


The “Caisse Epargne” block opposite the Bras de Fer RER parking lot foreshadows the urban intensity necessary for the city of Evry today. With the architects Badia-Berger and Lambert-Lenack, we organized around 400 housing units, a nursery and commercial areas around an alley and the existing requalified streets, mixing apartment buildings and intermediate housing, and connecting the Seine valley and the national 7… which one day will be transformed…

EVRY rehabilitations for Essonne Habitat

As part of the NPNRU Parc Aux Lièvres project, we completed the first phase of thermal rehabilitation of social housing complexes on behalf of Essonne Habitat: the opportunity to reconfigure the balconies by giving them a little more space …

Best wishes for the year 2021

Gaze on the horizon, Promenade des Anglais in Nice, 2018 © Yves Lion

Ateliers Lion associés is the winner of the competition for place île de Beauté in Nice

Transform without changing anything, or almost …

To transform is to restore the space of the Place de l’Île de Beauté in Nice. The enhancement of the landscaped and built environment reveals multiple potentialities and new uses, to the benefit of the quality of daily life of Nice residents and visitors. This “revelation” is in line with the prospect of recognition by Unesco of the remarkable character of the place.

In line with the geography of the site and built around the existing heritage, the project offers a refined composition around the Church of Notre-Dame-du-Port and the arcades on both sides.

The work of the soil seeks to allow strolling, in opposition to the current ambient chaos with a search for sobriety through a development concerned with sustainability.

In continuation of the dynamics of requalifications of Old Nice, the project proposes by its treatment to connect the “Place de mer” (Place Ile de Beauté) and the “place de Terre” (Place Garibaldi).

The reorganization of light vehicle flows and traffic allows the pedestrianization of the Port district to begin. The square and the quays extend to the facades of rue Fodéré with a public space designed by the landscape.

The soil treatment unit facilitates access to existing and recently delivered public transport (T2) to enlarge the square, a multimodal exchange area with a belvedere on the Mediterranean.

The project restores the scale and unity of Place Ile de Beauté in Nice.

With Egis Ville et Transports (BET TCE, travel studies and VRD), C&M Aurel urban design (lighting designer)

Work on the forecourt of La Rochelle station has started:

Work on the forecourt of La Rochelle station has started:

1st stage of the Multimodal Exchange Hub project, which will welcome travelers by 2022.

Between the historic center and the ZNIEFF des Marais de Tasdon, the PEM covers 4.5 hectares of land, on either side of the station. Offering pedestrians a comfortable and cleared square of nearly 11,700m², the project develops a territorial vision that reinforces the green and blue fabric, gives back all its place and enhances the native flora. In total, nearly 1 hectare of planted spaces and 260 trees will support soft mobility between the station forecourt and the new bus hub. The link between city and nature is made possible by the construction of a footbridge over the railway tracks, designed by Marc Mimram. The creation of public spaces highlights the passenger building designed by Pierre Esquié, considered one of the most beautiful stations in France.

With Marc Mimram (gateway project manager), A2i (BET VRD), Flore Siesling (lighting designer), FC Urban Designer (fountain), Roland Ribi & Associés (mobility engineering), Cronos Conseil (BET safety and security) .

Work on public spaces for the 1st phase of Maison Blanche Park continues

In Neuilly-sur-Marne, work on public spaces for the 1st phase of the Maison Blanche Park is continuing, supporting the delivery of buildings and the arrival of the first inhabitants.

Following the lighting project designed with Marc Aurel and Flore Siesling, the lighting equipment is gradually being deployed in the streets. The different models and the presence of accessories (lampshades in particular) characterize the public spaces of the eco-district, depending on their location in the former hospital compound, which is largely wooded.

Start of construction for Toulouse Médic

In Toulouse, in the heart of the Cartoucherie district, the Pôle Médical project has started. This new building dedicated to medical consultation posts and a home for users of the Regional Health Establishment (ERS) will complement the ERS built by the Lion Workshops in 2015.

303 arts recherches créations

303 arts research creations, magazine of Pays de la Loire, publishes its special issue 2020 devoted to the curiosities of the region.

While travel is disrupted, a great way to (re) discover places, buildings, women and men who built our territories.

In this issue 161, Sevak Sarkissian presents the work of the mosaic artist Isidore Odorico in the region, notably the Blue House and the Anjou hotel in Angers.

The summary of this special issue here

Restructuring of the Nantes convention center

Ateliers Lion associés was selected to carry out the restructuring of the Palais des Congrès de Nantes. The agency built the Cité des Congrès between 1986 and 1992. The restructuring involves the transformation of building D to make it a café and a coworking space. The project proposes to find a new relationship with public space, the uses of which have evolved since the initial construction of the Cité des Congrès. This transformation, which is being carried out in parallel with the extension of the Cité, demonstrates the potential of architectures to transform themselves to adapt to new uses when their structure allows it and highlights this problem of the permanence / obsolescence couple.

With ECB (construction economics), AREST (structural engineering), SoLab, ex alBdo (fluid engineering, SSI, acoustics) and E2CT (OPC).

Bruneseau Nord welcomes its first inhabitants

Along the Seine and Boulevard du Général Jean Simon, the first two buildings 50 meters away are finished. Comprising family housing, shops on the ground floor and ground floor, activities on R + 1 and early childhood equipment, these programs were designed by Tania Concko for Paris Habitat and by Ameller Dubois for Linkcity and the RIVP. They foreshadow the transformation underway in Bruneseau Nord: erase the break between Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine, by reconciling infrastructure, public spaces and architecture.

Frac Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes construction site

In Clermont-Ferrand, in the former wheat market, work has started on removing the partitions and floors. The first volumes reappear, discovering the vaults and the omnipresence of local volcanic stone (Volvic stone). The transformation of the building to house the FRAC collections will begin in April. Opening scheduled for 2021.

With Ingerop Consulting & Engineering (technical and structural BET), Studio Adeline Rispal (Scenography), Impedance Engineering (Acoustics), Les Eclaireurs (Light design), ASK Company (Conservation of works of art), Chevalvert (Signage), NOX Engineering (Pilotage and Work Coordination Scheduling), Christian Laporte (heritage architect).


The Fine Arts Museum of Dijon in AMC

The Dijon Museum of Fine Arts is published in the special issue of AMC from December 2019 – January 2020 among the 100 buildings of the year.

Ateliers Lion associés – Éric Pallot ACMH -Y Engineering , BET TCE, economist – Les éclaireurs, light designers

Best wishes for the year 2020

Dijon Fine Arts Museum, 2019 © Adrià Goula Sarda

Ateliers Lion Associés recruit

To develop housing projects in different phases (from the sketch to the building site), from September 2019, we are looking for an experienced architect with a command of REVIT; good adaptability and versatility desired.

Thank you to send your CV:

The White House Park, poses the “1st brick”

Future street Charles Baudelaire, between the preserved “English garden” and the first apartment buildings of the 1st phase

Nearly 800 of the 1 200 housing units of the first phase are currently under construction. Work on the finalization of public spaces in this part of the new eco-neighborhood is starting this summer, to prepare for the arrival of the first inhabitants, in the first half of 2020.

Laying of the “1st brick” on July 11, in the presence of all project partners.

More information on the CDU page here

Masséna Bruneseau, reconciling city and infrastructure

Since 2001, alongside the City of Paris and SEMAPA, the agency conceives the project of naturally linking Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine.

Conducted between 2014 and the end of 2018, the complete reconfiguration of the quai d’Ivry interchange, the first stage of a change in the ring road, reconciles city and infrastructure.

While the Metropolis reflects on the future of its roads, Sibylle Vincendon in Liberation here and Rémi Cambau in Cadre de Ville here return on the transformations conducted at the meeting between Paris Left Bank and Ivry-sur-Seine.

Trainee research

Ateliers Lion is looking for a trainee to work on urban and architectural projects.

To apply, thank you to send CV and motivational elements by email to and stating “Stage” in the subject of your email.m en précisant “Stage” dans l’objet de votre email.

Rennes, South Railway Bank

SNCF immobilier and Espaces Ferroviaires have selected the team at Ateliers Lion associés, with Zefco and A2i, to carry out a diagnosis and studies of orientations and urban feasibility on the Louis Armand and Jean Coquelin sectors, in the heart of the metropolis. between the EuroRennes and Baud Chardonnet development operations.

Faubourg Malepère, Planning interviews, 9th edition in Toulouse

© Emmanuel Grimault / Oppidea

Oppidea and  Ateliers Lion associé showed the Faubourg Malepère about fifty participants of the symposium organized by Club Ville Aménagement.

The opportunity to address the conditions of a negotiated urban planning and research quality, in a context where the land is largely not controlled by the developer.

More information on the Club City and Planning page here

Or on the Monitor article here


Opening ceremony of the Fine Arts Museum of Dijon

Guido Reni, Adam and  Eve in Heaven, circa 1620 – Transfer of the State to the city of Dijon : Louvre Museum, Paris Deposit of the State 1809, definitive transfer of property to the city of Dijon, decree of the Minister of the Culture of September 15, 2010 © Fine Arts Museum of Dijon / Hugo Martens

Opening ceremony of Fine Arts Museum of Dijon

After fifteen years of studies and works, the Museum of Fine Arts in Dijon reopens in its entirety, completely renovated and expanded, Friday, May 17. Since 2005, alongside the City of Dijon, Ateliers Lion associés has been working on this “metamorphosis”, in collaboration with Eric Pallot, chief architect of historical monuments. The project is primarily urban: the interior and exterior spaces of the museum open onto the city. Housing the renowned collections, the Palace of the Dukes and States of Burgundy is enhanced in its urban and heritage context. Revised and accessible to all audiences, the permanent route is consistent with the chronology of the different buildings of the palace.

More information on the homepage of the city of Dijon here

Or on the museum site here

Ateliers Lion Associés recruits

We are currently looking for:

An architect 1 to 3 years of experience, mastering REVIT to develop housing projects in different phases, from the sketch to the site.

Good adaptability and versatility desired.

Please send your applications (CV + Book) to the email address:


GrandSoissons has chosen the project of the agency for the transformation of the district of the station

With GEC Ingénierie (Construction Economist),  Impédance Ingénierie (Acoustics), AREA (BET VRD), RR&A (BET specialized in multimodal pole programming, mobility consulting), Flore Siesling(Lighting Technician).

You can find the article of the conurbation of Grand Soissons here

“Invent Bruneseau”

© Hardel Le Bihan, Youssef Tohmé, Adjaye Associates, Buzzo Spinelli (Team Les Nouveaux Constructeurs, AG Real Estate, ICADE, NEXITY)

In line with the studies conducted by the agency since 2001, to link Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine, the Nouvel R project won the call for innovative urban projects “Invent Bruneseau”.

Congratulations to the whole team for the quality of their proposals.

To find out more, you can find the project  here

All projects are currently on display at the Arsenal Pavilion, here

We are laureate of the competition for FRAC Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand!

With Ingérop Consulting & Engineering (BET technique and structure), Studio Adeline Rispal (Scenography), Impédance Engineering (Acoustic), Les Eclaireurs (Light design), Society A.S.K (Conservation of works of art), Chevalvert (Signage), NOX Ingénierie (Scheduling of Piloting and Coordination of Works).

Best wishes for 2019 !

Neuilly-sur-Marne, Parc de Maison Blanche, 2018 © Sevak Sarkissian

Faubourg Malepère, 18th Urban Projects Fair


Ateliers Lion Associés accompagnied Oppidea and Toulouse Métropole for the presentation of the joint development zone Malepère at the APUMP in Toulouse on November 29 and during the 18th Urban Projects Fair on November 13 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.


Inauguration of “Résidence Panorama” in the ZAC de la Haute-Maison (Champs-sur-Marne)

Yesterday, we assisted to the inauguration of the operation of 154 units located at the joint between the Bois de Grace and the Cité Descartes combining social and accession!

Work in progress : The second extension of the Castle of Blérancourt

Following the first extension from 1989, the second intervention involves the construction of a nave in the central axis of the composition involving the main entrance and access to the existing pavilion. At the moat, a large showroom opens on medieval remains. It associates archives and restoration workshops.

The work of the interchange of Paris-Ivry

Copyright SEMAPA

It is clear enlargement with the staircase to the left, and the first bridge released from his scaffolding (and directed by Marc Mimram).

Best wishes for 2016 !

Séoul, novembre 2015 © J. Stéfanelli

Place du Général Leclerc in Poitiers : store openings

Depuis la Place du Général Leclerc, ouverture du magasin H&M

Regional Centre for Teaching and Education in Healthcare

Open since early September, the Pôle Régional d’enseignement et de formation aux métiers de la Santé was inaugurated yesterday in the future eco-district of the Cartoucherie.

Réinventer Paris

We have been selected for the phase 3 of Réinventer Paris!

Refurbishment of the Printemps

In Poitiers, construction continues. The main facade on “La Place des Armes” is in the final phase. Delivery planned in December, 2015.


Regional Centre for Teaching and Education in Healthcare

Progress of construction that started in November 2013 and which will be delivered for the school year of 2015-2016.


Maison Blanche Project Area, in Neuilly-sur-Marne

We were awarded the consultation launched by the AFTRP Planning Company, for the mission of urban, landscape and infrastructure development.

We are entrusted with the development of the neighborhood’s public spaces and with the urban and architectural coordination of this neighborhood of about 4000 housing units, a thousand of which should be delivered in 2017.


The Copernic Bridge

The opening of the Copernic bridge project which connects two districts of Champs-sur-Marne.

Inauguration du Pont Copernic

MIPIM Awards 2015 : Best Urban Regeneration Project

At MIPIM 2015, the Boulevard du Littoral in the Euromediterranee district won the MIPIM Award for Best Urban Regeneration Project.

Boulevard Euromediterranée, Marseille’s new waterfront
Marseille, France
Architect : Ateliers Lion – Ilex – Kern et Associés
Developer : Euromediterranée


Happy New Year 2015 !


Marseille : progress in the working areas

The Euromed’s film shows the progress in the working areas that have been built in Marseille.

Work begins on transformation of Printemps department store, Poitiers

The restructuring plan of the former department store of Poitiers begins with the partial demolition of the building: the elimination of blank facades, demolition of the fourth floor, chopping down of interior partitions.

The general structure of the existing building is preserved in order to house the programs of the project (shops at the ground and first floors, accommodations in the upper floors).

Delivery scheduled for late 2015.

Residence “High Park” Cornerstone Laying, Asnieres-sur-Seine, ZAC PSA

In the presence of Manuel Aeschlimann, mayor of Asnieres-sur-Seine; Josiane Fischer, Deputy Mayor delegated to planning and major projects; Jean-Luc Poidevin, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Urban Turnkey CEO of Villes & Projets; Yann Doublier , CEO of Nexity- Apollonia and Nexity- Seeri; Yves Lion and Claire Piguet, urban architects.

Vaudoyer Park Delivery, Marseille

As part of Boulevard du Littoral construction site, Vaudoyer Park offers new playground and relaxation area to Marseille’s unhabitants. Joining the lower and the upper town, this development includes several sanitary facilities networks.

This place of shade and coolness is the real entrance of the Panier district; this garden is a belvedere on the landscape and the Port de la Méditerranée.

The public garden offers a children’s playground surrounded by the vegetation (stem-trees and shrubby beds implantation), and a set of benches facing the open landscape and the interior of the garden.

First Jump from the Atenor Tower, Brussels

Professional basejumper and wingsuit pilot Cedric Dumont jumped from the UP-site tower, Quai de Willebroeck, Brussels. Located along the canal, the 42-floors tower is 140 meters high, making it the tallest residential tower in Belgium.

Delivery of École nationale des ponts et chaussées Sport Fields Footbridge, Champs-sur-Marne

The footbridge leading to the sports fields of École nationale des ponts et chaussées in Marne-la-Vallée was delivered in June.

Official Opening of the UP-Site Complex, Brussels

Along the Vergote Pond in Brussels, works on the UP-Site housing complex are ending. With 42 floors (140 meters), this project includes the tallest residential tower in Belgium (250 apartments). Around a shared interior block garden, the operation also includes building-villas overlooking the Péniches Quay (Quai des Péniches) and an office complex on the Willebroek Boulevard. Symbolic in the Brussels skyline, the UP-site project contributes to the renewal of the canal district.

Works in Progress at Masséna-Bruneseau, Paris XIII

In the Eastern part of Paris Rive Gauche joint development zone, the operational status of public spaces and buildings sites  is accelerating, gradually bringing Paris and Ivry-sur-Seine closer:

– Completion of the structural works of the building reaching 50 meters, avenue de France,
– Advancement of the different programs, along the Avenue de France and Rue du Loiret.
–  Inauguration of Calcia Cement’s new distribution center, rue Bruneseau


01 2014-06 AdF Berlier

Around the Farhat Hached square, from th Berlier business center.


Delivery of Puygarreau Garden, Poitiers

Last part of the redevelopment of Poitiers’ downtown, the Puygarreau garden was delivered in March and offers to the public area an inside look at private gardens.


Laureate of the competitive dialogue for the convertion of the Bon Secours block, Metz

The team Ateliers Lion Associés – Iris Conseil is laureate of the competitive dialogue organised by the City of Metz for the conversion of the block Bon Secours, in the Nouvelle Ville district.


Launch of the new website

A new website compatible with smartphones and tablets has been launch. Strengthened by two new sections, “News” and “Portfolio” (coming soon), discovering and following Ateliers Lion’s evolution and projects has never been this easy!

New projects, competitions, prizes, publications and openings… This website is faster, more complete and has more information, with constant news updates and booklets presenting the agency’s work available to download.


Ateliers Lion associés

Publication of the monograph

Titled Encore en Ville – Dix années de projets aux Ateliers Lion Associés, the monograph has a preface written by Eric Lapierre and texts by Olivier Namias and is now available at Archibooks Editions.

Tracing the evolution of the agency over the past ten years, this book is an occasion to come back on some of the most important projects through photographs, interviews, analysis and thoughts on architecture, the urban life and on the search of the multidisciplinary related to the job of architect.

Exhibition of the “Dorsale Est” model at the shopping mall O’Parinor, Aulnay-sous-bois

Following its exhibition at the French pavilion during the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale, then at the Cité du Patrimoine et de l’Architecture in the Palais Chaillot of Paris, the model is now exhibited at the O’Parinor shopping mall of Aulnay-sous-Bois, until February 24th.


Best wishes for 2014!


For 2014, here is a message of serenity.

Ateliers Lion Associés wishes you a happy new year.

Exhibition of the “Grands Ensembles” model at la Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine of Paris

Following its exposure at the French Pavilion of the 2012 Venice Biennale, the model illustrating the “Grands Ensembles”  theme is now on display at la Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris. The exhibition “La Dorsale Est : « Faire ville » dans la métropole parisienne” takes place from 16 December 2013 to 13 January 2014.

Official opening of the Islamic Cultures Institute (ICI), Paris

The new Islamic Cultures Institute building, dedicated to the creation and diffusion of contemporary cultures related to the Muslim world, has been opened on November 28th, 2013, with two addresses : 56 Rue Stephenson and 19-23 Rue Leon in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

This cultural institute, located in the Goutte d’Or, gathers exhibition rooms, a cooking workshop, a café, a reception, a prayer room, study classes, offices, and a hammam, and tea salon scheduled to open in early 2014.


Les travaux de l’échangeur à Masséna-Bruneseau

The SEMAPA’s film shows the progress in the interchange in Massena-Bruneseau.

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